Hacktoberfest 2020 Summary

I will show you what I did for Hacktoberfest and I believe that you can do it too! I know open-source sounds scary but hear me out, it is not!

This year I decided to take in Hacktoberfest 2020, it is a coding event where you can win a Free t-shirt by contributing to an open-source project. The goal was to create 4 Pull Requests (PR) for an open-source public project.

The projects I worked on were not super complicated, and they bring value to the programming society. You can either create your own repository with some tricks, tips, small apps, snippets of code that you think is useful, or join a pre-existing repository and work with other contributors right away.
I saw many repositories where people shared books, youtube channels that help them learn to program.

Do you feel more comfortable coding or providing somebody with useful resources?
It is up to you what your open-source contribution will look like!

PR #1 – Coding Challenges Guide

As you may or may not know when you subscribe to my mailing list you can get tons of interesting content about javascript and coding interviews. One of them is a PDF where I’m explaining the rules of interview coding challenges and how to prepare for them.
I have decided to share it on Github in case somebody wants to add more tips&tricks on how to nail your interview.

👉 Coding Challenges Guide

PR #2 – Among us animation

Have you heard about this game where you run around the spaceship and repair stuff? Oh and I forgot to mention, there is an impostor that is trying to kill everybody!
So I played this game recently and decided to build the character animation using pure CSS

👉 Among us animation

PR #3 – Green Twitter Timeline

As my 3rd project, I choose a simple React.js list app that displays Twitter posts. I implemented it using a data generator library Faker and connected it to the React frontend. I also provided a solution in case you want to load the data from the backend.
This project reminds me of the coding challenges companies give you. I would not copy it for my interview challenge because I missed a few parts from my checklist but a good project to get some general understanding of what companies expect you to write.

👉 Green Twitter Timeline

PR #4 – Translating README 🇵🇱

After 5 days of exploring Github, I finally found a perfect place I could contribute! Highlight.js wanted to translate their docs to different languages. they had Russian translation so I thought my polish skills would come in handy.
Translating took me 2 days, it was extremely odd to see technical documentation in polish. The PR still needs to be reviewed so if you know polish by any chance you can read it and contribute in open-source.

👉 Link to the PR

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed working on those projects. It is pushing me to provide some value for others. What I would change for next Hacktoberfest?

I would definitely start looking for projects earlier. Due to the fact I started late all interesting problems were taken and I had no other way than creating something myself. Overall it is a good opportunity to learn from other people’s code.

Would you like to start working on one but you don’t know how? DM me if you have any problem, I’m happy to help! 😃

Stay tuned and Code smart ✌️

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